Balmain clothes combine impeccable cuts, exceptional fabrics, and meticulous details to give each piece a unique and captivating character, which is why your Balmain creation must be treated with great care.

Compliance with the recommended care instructions located on the label will ensure the longevity of the garment.
To preserve your piece, we recommend you take to heart the following instructions.
If you need further care advice for your garment, we invite you to consult a luxury goods specialist.


Linen cultivation and the weaving process are environmentally friendly. This very hardy plant requires limited irrigation, little fertiliser and few pesticides, all the while absorbing CO2 from the air. Linen is a sustainable, 100% natural fibre that softens with each wash. If washing instructions are provided on the care label, we recommend turning the piece inside out and separating it from light colours to avoid any running.

If hand-washing:
Submerge your item in cold water (30°C maximum) and rub gently for a few minutes. Do not leave your item to soak in the water for too long and avoid wringing the material. Rinse in clean water then leave your piece to dry on a hanger.

If machine-washing:
• Select a gentle cycle with a cold temperature and lower spin setting (600 RPM maximum).
• Removing your linen item from the washing machine as soon as possible and leaving it to dry outside on a hanger.
• Always cool iron your item on the reverse side. We recommend ironing your item when it’s still slightly damp to avoid damaging the fibres.
• Store your Balmain item on a hanger away from light.