Balmain shoes are the perfect complement to a unique and bold silhouette signed Olivier Rousteing. With a contemporary look, they come in a variety of styles that range from classic to futuristic and combine quality materials and excellence of design. The materials require regular care to preserve the aesthetic and comfort of your shoes over time. We recommend you take to heart the following instructions. If you need further care advice specific for your creation, we invite you to consult a shoe care specialist.

Protecting your shoes:
Fill your shoes with tissue paper, place them in their protective pouch, then in their box. Store them in a dry place, away from moisture and light.
Avoid all contact with textiles and materials that can cause the colors to bleed. Avoid wearing dark colors with light-colored leather/canvas or vice versa.
If your shoes get wet, dab them with a clean, lint-free cloth and let them air dry away from all heat sources.

Taking care of your shoes:

Patent leather

To care for patent leather, use a little soapy water, rinse with a clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water, and let air dry. To prevent the varnish from cracking or breaking, regularly moisturize your patent leather shoes with milk bought from a specialist.

By nature, the color of patent leather can bleed onto or absorb the color of the material of another item when put in direct and prolonged contact. We strongly recommend storing your shoes in their protective pouch to avoid this situation.


Embroidered leather

If your pair of shoes has embroidered elements, you need to be careful not to apply cleaning products or shoe polish to the embroidery elements. This could irreversibly alter them.

There is no specific care for embroideries. If an element falls off and/or needs to be replaced, you can call the store where you bought them from to have a diagnostic on the possibility of repair.


Smooth leather

Like all natural materials, even the most luxurious of leather can age over time and with wear. It needs to be cared for to maintain its optimal condition.

To care for your shoes in smooth leather, it is advised to polish them regularly. Before polishing, dust your shoes with a chamois and clean them with a damp cloth. Remember to also clean the sole and heel and remove the laces. Choose a polish in the color closest to your shoes. When in doubt, opt for a colorless shoe polish cream. After nourishing the leather, you can shine your shoes with a shine bush.

A specific treatment, such as a soap or cleansing milk for leather, will restore sheen and shine to your shoes and erase superficial signs of wear. Apply a dab of product on a cloth and make small circular movements on the shoe. Then, let your shoes dry.

In all cases, and more in particular, if your shoe is stained, consult a leather specialist for advice on the choice of products and care instructions.


Exotic Leathers

This leather is sensitive to water as it can cause swelling and lifting scales.

For routine maintenance, clean your bag with a soft cloth and apply—in the direction of the scales—a neutral colourless gel designed especially for reptile leathers.

If desired, you can polish it with a chamois cloth.


Shearling / pony-style calfskin / faux fur

This type of leather can lose its hair with wear if it is too often subject to friction.
It can only be cleaned with a dry cloth, lightly rubbing in the direction of the hair.

If your shoes are stained, we recommend you contact a leather specialist.


Mirror or metallic finished leather

Mirror leathers or leathers with a metallic finish are sensitive to solvents and alcohol which can strip the surface finish of the leather. These leathers are delicate and sensitive to abrasion. They can scratch easily. Due to its finish, mirror/metallic leather will crack at the bend of the foot while walking. This is inevitable and proof that it is genuine leather.

To care for mirror finished leather:
• Use a little soapy water.
• Rinse with a clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water.
• Let air dry.

To care for metallic finished leather:
• Gently dust and remove dirt with a soft brush.
• Clean using a special metallic leather spray. Do a spot test on a hidden area beforehand to make sure the dye does not come off. Let dry for 30 minutes.


Canvas / satin canvas

To clean the item, use a clean, soft cloth dampened in soapy water, avoiding print areas, especially those bearing the Balmain logo. Rinse with a clean cloth soaked in lukewarm water and let dry away from all heat sources.

Products, such as leather lotions, cleaners, or chemicals, should not be used on canvas or satin items. Using these remedies can lead to stains on the fabric.
To know what care product to use or if your creation is stained, we advise you to contact a leather goods specialist, such as a shoemaker.

Limit contact with hard or rough surfaces to avoid premature abrasion of the fabric and alternate the use of your shoes to ensure optimal use and longevity.

Avoid all contact with textiles and materials that can cause the color to bleed. Avoid wearing dark clothes with light-colored canvas shoes and vice versa.



Velvet is a delicate material despite its warm, sturdy texture.

You can use a soft brush to gently remove dust and restore its smooth finish.

Always double-check the care instructions found on the label inside your item.
If machine washing is recommended, turn your item of clothing inside out to protect the pile and avoid using fabric softener.

Nubuck / velvet goatskin

Nubuck and velvet goatskin are leathers that absorb liquids and can easily stain.

Apply a waterproofing spray to your clean, dry shoes before wearing and repeat at each wear. For the choice of product, you can consult a leather specialist.

By nature, this leather can bleed onto lighter colored items. We advise you to avoid all contact with lightly colored clothing.

If your shoes are dirty, a soft bristle brush will allow you to remove all the dust. To keep their original look, the leather can be brushed with a crepe brush. It is advisable to rub gently so as not to damage the grain of the leather.



Our sneakers are made from special materials that must be treated with care. Synthetic materials, natural leather, gluing techniques, foams, and seams have been studied with attention to meet the best quality criteria and offer you the highest degree of satisfaction. Color variations and slight imperfections do not affect the high quality of the materials and make your shoes unique. Regular care will preserve your shoes’ characteristics and ensure their long life.

We recommend that you observe the following precautions:
• Do not machine wash your shoes.
• Do not bleach or use household cleaning products on your shoes.
• Do not dry them near a radiator or in direct sunlight. Heat can deform the shoes and alter their integrity. Air dry them by filling them with white paper towels to remove moisture.

To clean them, you can:
• Remove mud, dirt, and or debris once your shoes are dry using a soft brush.
• Clean the sole with a non-abrasive sponge using soap and water.
• If the upper of your shoe is made of fabric, mesh, or canvas, use a sponge soaked in soapy water and rub gently.
• If the upper of your shoe is in leather or nubuck, only use care products intended specifically for leather and nubuck and follow the product instructions.
Finally, store your item in its protective pouch and in a dry place when not in use.